MIPDoc Digital Sunday

MIPDoc’s Digital Sunday examined the future of documentary creation and distribution and was curated by The SWARM’s Jason DaPonte.

The event looked at: Transmedia storytelling, VOD platform case studies and deal making and how brands are using factual content in new and exciting ways.  Speakers from the session included executives from: Vimeo, Distrify, Netribution, the National Film Board of Canada, ARTE France, Blue Chalk Media and HMT Productions.

Full coverage from Real Screen is available here, and videos of some of the sessions are below.  You can read coverage of the Brands and Factual Content session from Moviescope here.
Transmedia & Storytelling in Documentary: “Fort McMoney”

Read more coverage of the session at MIP World.

VOD Dealmaking for Success

Read more coverage of the session at MIP World.


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