10 Things We’ve Learned Working In Digital

In a rapidly evolving industry where each new generation of users is a pioneer in how they use and re-purpose digital platforms, no-one is far behind the industry leaders in terms of their experience, skills and know-how. Even the best leaders need to question traditional ways of doing things every day, to figure out how it all works.

This is just one of the 10 Lessons We Learned Working in Digital that we shared at Digital Summer Trip this week.  Digital Summer Trip, is where leading digital and media companies, producers and programmers come to share their tech secrets and host hands-on digital workshops with new graduates.

Along with sharing our lessons, we also be hosted a day of digital storytelling workshops for students aged 11 – 18 to give them an insight into building stories for websites, mobile apps and games.

See the full other 9  lessons (in gloriously animated gifs) we shared below:

Get Skills


Get Skills - You don’t need to wait for anyone to teach you how to code or use photoshop, edit a video or programme something.  Use tutorials online to learn key skills before you need them.

Focus on the skill of making something, regardless of the meaning of the finished product.


Dive In


Dive In - Sometimes if we want to achieve something, we just have to go out there and do it. Even if that means risking doing it badly and failing pretty quickly. But it’s better to quickly realise that something’s not working, move on and redevelop your strategy than spend months on something that goes no-where. And who knows? It could work first time!


Do Your Research


Do Your Research – Who would use my product or service? What platforms do those people use? Where are they found offline and online? Your own experience and knowledge can make you believe that you understand your target market even before you conduct any research – but we warned – assumptions are project killers.


creative approach


Creative Approaches Get You Noticed – Doing things a little bit differently can sometimes work surprisingly well. Don’t be afraid of eccentricity!


break rules


Don’t Do What You’re Supposed To – The most interesting uses of technology come from people who are re-imagining that technology for their own means, creative or commercial. These people tend to ignore what the companies and developers tell them they should do with their product or tools and break the rules to repurpose, redevelop and hack.  Challenge the Status Quo or become the Status Quo.



It's Not About You


It’s Not About You – We all have good ideas we wish we could see realised, but remember who you are making the products or service for - the end user. You must be willing to test your concept and redevelop it based on your findings. It’s important to brave enough to say – OK. It’s not working- let’s try again.


timing is everything


Timing is Everything - When you present a project to your audience can have a profound effect on how it’s received.  Ignore trends at your peril!


Geek Out


Geek Out! – The industry is very entrepreneurial, and in order to survive you need to be excited by the possibilities for innovation. Keep a record of things you like – pay attention to new releases, read reviews and industry buzz around who is making what. Download podcasts, get involved with hack spaces if you can – code and make and design and write. Let yourself get interested – geek out! Get Excited!



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