Branding and Web Design: New Velocity Media


Award-winning Los Angeles interactive production house New Velocity Media came to The Swarm last year to help them build an identity and new websites as they expanded their properties.

The studio was growing, producing a range of different content and products across web, film and TV, moving into new genres of lifestyle and unscripted content and needed new brands for these different properties to operate under.  Following working with The Swarm on the successful design and launch of Galahad, a distribution engine for digital stories, NVM enlisted our help with creating brands and websites for the new companies.

NVM’s main concern was that after rapid diversification of services and products available, they were no longer clearly articulating the most important offerings for each market.  Their previous identify, The Shadow Gang, was known as a producer of interactive thriller content and no longer provided the right narrative for the expanding business.

By helping them explore and define the brand values and identities required for success in each of the markets they now operated in – thriller/action content, lifestyle content and content distribution software – we created three separate properties under one umbrella brand called New Velocity Media. NVM comprises of a range of digital brands with unique looks, websites, and slates, that complimented one another yet stand alone to make unique propositions to the respective audiences.

These properties are:

The Shadow Gang

Focussing on the production of thriller content, this brand is the original backbone of the studio. We created a dark edgy look that seemed like a suitable home for dark and exciting productions such as Water Sanction, Umbrella Sword and GoBZRK, to position TSG as professionals of conspiracy thriller narrative, in order to sell the growing slate of productions.

The Shadow Gang


Limehouse Entertainment

This property is designed to communicate the agency as content creators who partner with the greatest minds in food, fashion and lifestyle industries and the top brand sponsors to create cutting edge TV and web experiences.  We created a fresh, comfortable style by re-skinning the TSG site template using energetic imagery and a palate of citrus tones mixed with darker lowlights. We used the carousel at the top of the homepage to give visitors an overview of the breadth of shows produced, as well as highlighting some of the content in production.

Limehouse Entertainment



Multipop is the identity created for a new digital platform that transforms online video into an engaging, hands-on event by integrating e-commerce, real-time social interaction, and content extensions into the viewing experience. Rather than positioning Multipop and the site as hi-tech, cutting edge and perhaps therefore a little ‘scary’ we created an angle that was more toward approachable, intuitive, and heavy on results.

We create something that looked new and user-friendly to the content market, but that also sat comfortably and confidently with ‘techies.’  The logo based on an infinity symbol also represents the M as shorthand for the brand signature.

Multipop Homepage


New Velocity Media

All of the new properties now exist under New Velocity Media,  another brand we created that had a look inspired by clean lines and gentle curves, becoming an umbrella identity that conveyed the dynamism and strength of movement the studio was creating through all of its properties.

New Velocity Media


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