Artist’s Studio Unlocked – BBC Taster

This Summer The Swarm was commissioned by the BBC to produce an interactive pilot for ‘Taster’ – the new home for experimental digital projects at the BBC. Designed to attract younger audiences to engage and share BBC Arts content, we hoped to test how content native to the web can migrate younger viewership to streams with a traditionally older demographic.


Launched in July, Artist’s Studio Unlocked, is an interactive art documentary where the visitor explores the studio of a well known British artist. For the pilot, we chose Polly Morgan – a sculptor working with taxidermy based in East London – and created an experience that invites the user to open drawers, peer into freezers, meet her dogs, explore her neighbourhood and watch her work; uncovering the relationship she has with her creative space.


The user was asked afterwards to choose what three clips they liked most, and could post their favourites list to social media, continuing the discussion online. There was also an artist timeline for users to explore more about the artist and eventually to contextualise her work with links to other featured artists.



Take a look and tell us what you think – we warn however; this experience is not for the squeamish!
Creative Direction & Project Management – Simon Allen
Technical Director – Hans von Knut
Graphic Design – Stephanie McArdle and Sophie Standing
Animation – Shay Hamias
Concept Development – Jason DaPonte & Philo K