ScrAPPbook & TheSwarm

ScrAPPbook is a digital heritage project, developed through University of Dundee (Design in Action) Chiasma event, that enables communities to network and engage with heritage and art, and Badenoch within the Cairngorms National Park has become the first ever community to pilot the scrAPPbook project!

All local schools and dozens of individuals collaborated to create a creative snapshot of their community online through posting over 150 photos, sounds, memories and much more. You’ll hear local voices telling you the stories of where they live, the folk history, concerns around the built and natural environment and the communities’ hopes for the future.  It’s personal, moving and provides an accurate picture of Badenoch and the Caingorms National Park in the the 21st century. 

The Swarm is getting involved to help develop the project and create a digital tool that archives and displays people’s responses and contributions to local heritage sites.

The team include Verity Walker – Founder, Sheila Robinson – Mentor, and Adam Cassels – Digital Producer.

Verity had this to say about the project – “As an experienced heritage/community-engagement consultant, I’ve been seduced by the way digital technology can offer a powerful creative tool for new/existing heritage/arts audiences – if used imaginatively. We have explored and tested a scrAPPbook process resulting in our small manual pilot, scrAPPbook Badenoch, which engaged a community in the remote Scottish Highlands in a definition of its own identity. The next stage is to build the ScrAPPbook platform to channel creative responses (written comment, photos, audio, video) to themed challenges”

Find out more about our involvement and the project’s progress by getting in touch, or take a look for yourself at the pilot here.