Designing a new website for The National Youth Dance Company

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re real cultural-vultures here at The Swarm. Even so, it took undertaking ‘The Dance We Made’ to truly whet our appetite for contemporary dance, and the 2015 season of Pina Bausch at Sadlers Wells to seal the deal. So how do you make this often seemingly rarefied world seem more accessible to teenagers who’ve taken a chance on their talents?

That was the challenge lain out before us at The National Youth Dance Company based at Sadlers Wells - how to attract more young people to join, while maintaining the integrity of a critically lauded dance company. To begin we established the key purposes of the website, advising on the specification and redeveloping the offering based on the target audience of existing and potential users. We balanced some of the competing needs of the applicants and stakeholders, and redefined the user roadmap for visitors whether they are an associated dance troupe or a member of the press looking for information on an upcoming show.


We create a completely responsive redesign, introducing new features to the website while undertaking an update of the look and feel of the NYDC brand online. The prospective company members can now complete the entire application process through desktop or mobile online, and review the work produced by previous dancers.

nydc3They can catch a glimpse behind the scenes, to get an idea of what NYDC life is like, by following the current cohort in a social feed aggregator that pulls in from a range of other spaces online. 

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