Innovation prompt-cards for the Knowledge Transfer Network

It’s not surprising that being involved at the genesis of an idea and helping refine and develop opportunities for innovation is an exciting process. So The Swarm was happy to work with the Knowledge Transfer Network (established by InnovateUK) to create new materials that would be used to do just that, prompting discussion about 4 key considerations; People, Partners, Process and Products. 

People gets us thinking about the users and audiences, and how their unique circumstances and perspectives can alter the way they engage with businesses, products and services.

Partners is about those training businesses to consider partners and competition who exist in the wider ecosystem. Local, national and global projects have specific players that innovators may need to collaborate with, or who may have a strong influence on their work. Understanding these forces can help people consider how collaboration (or failure to collaborate), changes in policy or other factors outside of your control may impact their product or service.

Process is a set of tools we can use to help evolve our thinking and develop ideas, and Products are case studies of existing projects and services the KTN and InnovateUK have helping get out into the marketplace.