Endz2Endz – Youth Community Media

THE SWARM is proud to be a pro-bono sponsor and advisor to Endz2Endz – the place for young urban talent.

The project – started by 4 youths from South London estates and THE SWARM’s executive producer, Jason DaPonte – starts from the belief that showcasing positive stories about young people and giving them a home for showcasing their talent will promote positive behaviour as an alternative to violence.

The project has been featured in The Sun and The Guardian and was part of Sheffield DocFest’s community media programme. The site and its members have also won a number of awards for their work on the project including: the Spirit of London Award, the Tomorrow’s People Award and the Life Changers Award.

The site gives young people the opportunity to learn about how to run a digital media company and to publish and showcase their work. Young creatives from rappers to graphic designers to fashion designers regularly collaborate on the site and the community of youths visiting and participating is growing.

THE SWARM has worked with the youths involved to develop their product, create content and to build partnerships with the likes of Pearson Innov8 and Arbonne.