Video: Leave Your Phone at Home…

Leave Your Phone at Home: THIS is Mobile Media is the name of the talk Jason DaPonte presented at the Edinburgh Interactive 2011 festival.

In the talk, Jason challenged the games industry to think beyond the world of console and handset games and to think about a world where every object is a ‘connected thing’ in the internet of things and therefore, a potential part of the digital gaming world.  He gave the audience examples of how items like digital hoodie sweatshirts, connected cars and even wi-fi contact lenses are preparing to shake up the way consumers get media.

“Working across platforms will no longer be about web, mobile and TV.  It will be about delivering contextual content and services in the most relevant place for users.  Competition for attention will be via ambient media,” he told the audience.

“We need to create Story Systems that create value for users.  They need to allow content and context to create meaning, regardless of what device they’re consumed on.”

Jason delivered a similar talk at the Nordisk Panorama DocXChange where he presented the same connected world as a potential opportunity for both gathering and distributing documentary content.