Endz2Endz in The Guardian

Endz2Endz, a youth media project advised by THE SWARM, was featured in The Guardian as an example of how digital media has empowered society’s marginal groups – allowing them to tell their own stories.

THE SWARM’s Managing Director, Jason DaPonte, was quoted saying, “Audiences growing up with the net have an expectation to be part of the story … If we’d tried to do Endz2Endz as a conventional film it would have been all about them and us, patronising and judgmental. By helping them create their own stories with some additional guidance, the end result is 100% theirs and totally authentic.”

The article co-incides with Endz2Endz being featured as a cross-media community media project at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival (DocFest) and the publication of the sixth edition of its online magazine.

Read the full article here.