Case Study: MIPTV / Connected Creativity Experience Hub

MIPTV’s Connected Creativity Experience Hub was an exhibition designed show the entertainment industry the future of digital entertainment.

It was created by The Swarm in conjunction with Any Screen Productions.

MIPTV is the world’s largest TV and entertainment event with over 12,000 participants and is held annually in Cannes, France.  The Experience Hub was a new addition conceived, designed and curated by Ferhan Cook, of Any Screen Productions, who drafted in THE SWARM to help find cutting edge technology demos.

The Challenge

To identify a number of digital media companies that would provide entertainment executives with an immersive experience that would help stimulate new types of digital content and entertainment experiences.

THE SWARM carried out extensive market research into areas including: gaming, sensors, gesture control, music, wearable technology, augmented reality, 3D and more to select a range of companies to identify companies that had the most potential to inspire and work with the entertainment industry.  We then worked with each company to develop the concept for their demo area and write its technical specification for the event.

Some of the hottest companies included:

Prime Sense, Israel – Gesture-controlled Living Room System
Emotiv, USA – Mind-controlled game system
Metaio, Junaio Browser, USA, Germany – Augmented Reality on TV and kiosks
WiiSpray, Germany – Virtual Graffiti
Reactable Systems, Spain – Multi-Touch Table and Mobile App Music Systems


The Hub drew thousands of visitors over the course of a week and was widely praised by participants.  It was featured on Euronews in the video below:

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