Case Study: Stroome Mobile Strategy & Product Planning



Stroome is positioning itself as the social network where web’s most collaborative online video editing and social networking community — a place where anyone with a camera and a point of view (students, journalists, sports enthusiasts, travelers, advertisers, marketers, corporations, educators) can work together or individually to polish, publish and promote their content to a potential audience of millions.

A proof-of-concept site went live and the founders then engaged THE SWARM to help them develop a mobile strategy and determine how they could best begin to incorporate mobile functionality into their product suite.


To help the founders of Stroome develop a mobile strategy and product plans that would help them succeed, within the resource constraints of a start-up.


THE SWARM carried out competitive brand and functional research, examined market placement and conducted focus groups and co-creative sessions with Stroom staff and users to build and test a product strategy.


Stroome now has a long term direction for its mobile product development as well as plans that integrate mobile development with their web development plans to help achieve the best use of resources.

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