The Dance WE Made

The Swarm works with Dance Artist Tim Casson.

The Dance WE Made is an interactive pop-up dance performance that takes place at iconic locations, inviting members of the general public to choreograph dances for professional dancer Tim Casson. These dances are performed in each location, filmed and placed online and on mobile for people to watch and share.

The first season ended with a full-length perforance at Sadler’s Wells and was part of the Big Dance festival 2012. It garnered praise in The New York Times, Creative Review and other publications and was also awarded ‘The Dance With the Most Choreographers’ by┬áThe Guinness Book of Records.

In it’s second year, the project was booked in London, Glastonbury and New York City and is now moving into it’s third year.

The Swarm worked with Tim to develop the digital concept for the work and bring it to life.