Multi-platform Storytelling & Immersive Video

Galahad is a new tool for online storytelling and story-world building.

THE SWARM worked with New Velocity Media, a US-based multi-platform entertainment studio, on the launch of the product by providing: strategic advice, product development and design services.

Galahad literally ‘powers up’ your content universe to generate engagement and profit. Drawing on NVM’s expertise in immersive multi-platform narratives and content monetization, Galahad is designed to hook audiences into online story-worlds and keep them there.

The video below is an example of a Multipop Video built using the product.  The tool transforms online video into an engaging, hands-on event by integrating e-commerce, real-time social interaction, and content extensions into the viewing experience – all without disrupting the show.

The full system can be the driving force behind digital experiences, allowing creators to:

  • Pre-load and run entire story-worlds and campaigns from a single, centralized hub, including online and mobile content, gaming, social media, and e-commerce extensions
  • Create compelling, interactive branching videos, logic games, interactive comics, point/reward systems and trackers, and much more to drive deeper, longer fan engagement
  • Monitor and enhance audience engagement with extensive and accurate analytic data
  • Sell, manage, and administer virtual and real world story-related merchandise
  • Drive fans to new and relevant content, interactions, and rewards

Press Coverage includes:

The Next Web

International Business Times

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