Transmedia Documentary: Causa Justa

Causa Justa is a social-justice documentary series that airs on 16 countries on the Latin American news network, TeleSUR.

THE SWARM spent a week in Venezuela working intensively with the production team on creating a transmedia strategy for the programme’s next series in conjunction with TAL.  The week prepared the team to expand their stories into the digital space as they readied to shoot this year’s 13-part series.  The output from the week included:

  • a working prototype that aims to position the programme as an ongoing dialogue with its audience and that incorporates aspects of ‘citizen/mobile journalism;’
  • a plan for expanding the themes of the series across platforms – particularly targeting digital ‘have nots’ in less developed parts of Latin America;
  • training for staff across the network on user-centred design and multiplatform content planning and production.

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