Mobile Game: A Spanner In The Works

A Spanner in the Works is a new location-specific mobile history game for kids that let’s them travel back in time to explore historic photos of their area and battle an evil, time-travelling villain.

The game was co-produced with PastPorte for Gloucester Archives and takes children on a journey around the Gloucester Quays shopping centre, exploring the rich history of the Fielding & Platt factory that used to be on the same site.

In the game, a villain has been travelling back in time to the factory of famous Gloucester engineering company Fielding & Platt and sticking spanners in the works so some of their top inventions have stopped working.  When the children have foiled the dastardly plot, they’re rewarded with a voucher for money off at the shopping centre.

The game opens up new opportunities for children to explore local history and for improving the overall shopping experience for parents.

You can download the game here.

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