Immersive Media: Ghost Town

Ghost Town is an immersive journey exploring the transformation of a place in time that investigates the Heygate Estate – a 25-acre wide ghost town in the heart of London, less than a mile south of Westminster, once home to 1,200 families.

We invite you to discover it by taking in its walkways and to explore its environment through videos and 360 panoramic photos.

Enter one of the boarded up building to visits its homes, look at an interactive video to meet its former residents and those who are planning its future, discover how life used to be when the Estate was inhabited and find out why it is now abandoned.

Ghost Town is the first part of a bigger project. Over time, we will unlock further layers of the story and reveal how the space has changed from recent times to the distant past.

The project has been directed by Enrica Colusso and co-produced and designed by THE SWARM with HVA and Ruggero Gallimbeni.