We’re working with our friends at MEDEA to hack the future of public transport (following on our success with TubeTap).  Register now to join us!


BBC Connected Studio

THE SWARM has been working with the BBC Connected Studio to develop new ideas for digital services.

The studio connects BBC developers with commercial counterparts in a 2-day creative environment to develop new ideas for digital services with BBC content. We have recently worked on the BBC IX4, News Archive and Weather & Traffic labs.

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MIPDoc Digital Sunday

MIPDoc's Digital Sunday examined the future of documentary creation and distribution and was curated by The SWARM's Jason DaPonte.

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The biggest Cannes buzz so far?

Discover #transmedia
game/doc @FortMcMoney:
@davduf @gillesfrei


— MIP Markets (@mip) April 6, 2014


We love buzz. See a selection of coverage of our work and buzz we're creating here.


Facilitation is core to what we do. We believe that taking our clients and partners on a creative journey with us is the best way to success. We provide workshops and training in a variety of forms and facilitate the creation of content with audiences. See some of our work in this space here.


Design is one of our specialities. We provide our clients with a full range of design services that cross content, interfaces and branding to create compelling digital experiences. We also specialise in early-stage product and service design and prototyping. See some of our work here.


We 'get' digital and leverage our thinking skills to help our clients find success in the digital world. We provide analysis and strategy for broadcasters, arts organisations, museums, content owners and software startups. See some examples below.


15 Postcards We Wish We Sent from SXSW

We didn’t make it to SXSW in Austin - but if we had, we’d have been sending some great postcards to you, our friends and partners!

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We're working with Documentary Campus to create a day for documentary makers, filmmakers of all kinds and other...

— The Swarm (@EnterTheSwarm) April 1, 2014


Immersive Media: Ghost Town

Ghost Town is an immersive journey exploring the transformation of a place in time that investigates the Heygate Estate - a 25-acre wide ghost town in the heart of London, less than a mile south of Westminster, once home to 1,200 families.

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Mobile Game: A Spanner In The Works

A Spanner in the Works is a new location-specific mobile history game for kids that let's them travel back in time to explore historic photos of their area and battle an evil, time-travelling villain.

The game opens up new opportunities for children to explore local history and for improving the overall shopping experience for parents.

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How do you say “The Swarm” in Chinese?
该 群
- That’s how!

YLE logo 2012

YLE Transmedia Development

YLE is Finland's national broadcaster, and The SWARM recently completed three labs working to develop new transmedia formats with their television teams.

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Games & Film: Meet The World Brain

A new game experience supports the Sundance-nominated documentary Google and the World Brain; reminding us that, on the internet, not everything is as it seems...

The launch supported the US-premier of the film on Al-Jazeera America and represents a radical new way of marketing a serious documentary; bringing gaming, Facebook marketing and filmmaking together to strengthen the call to action.

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Talking digital art at The ThinkShop

The Finsbury Arts festival in London recently held a ThinkShop – a host of 10 minute mini-lectures on a variety of art-related subjects.

Jason showed the audience with a talk about what an art-gallery experience might be like in the future by hosting a wireless exhibition.

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Royal Danish Orchestra – In Case of Emotions

We just finished designing a data visualisation interface for this live experience with the National Danish Orchestra. See how audiences express their emotions - via mobile - during the live performance.

The project was done in conjunction with MEDEA, Die Asta Experience and PortaPlay.


Interactive Experience: Burning The Books

We all owe someone something. What do you owe?

Alinah Azadeh acts as debt collector and servant to The Book of Debts - a large tome that she fills in each location she visits with the stories of debts owed by the people of that community. She then recites and burns the book as a public act of ‘absolution.’ THE SWARM has created a website as a way to contribute to a digital version of the book.

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MIPTV 2013

For the third year running, THE SWARM has worked on curating and hosting the programme for MIPTV - including MIPDoc and MIPCube - the world's leading TV industry event.

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Transmedia Documentary: Causa Justa

Causa Justa is a social-justice documentary series that airs on 16 countries on the Latin American news network, TeleSUR.

THE SWARM spent a week in Venezuela working intensively with the production team on creating a transmedia strategy for the programme's next series in conjunction with Televisión América Latina.

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Digital Arts R&D Workshops

During 2012 and 2013, THE SWARM facilitated a series of workshops across the UK for the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts.

The workshops were full-day collaborative activities designed to help build strong ideas and teams with arts projects, technology providers, and researchers.

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Nokia New American Noise

New American Noise is transmedia experience that takes user through underground music scenes across America using film, interactive media and music playlists brought to you by Nokia Music and the Sundance Channel.

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Video: Hacking Future TV Experiences

Media experiences - from weather reports, to cooking shows to documentary - are set for a seismic shift as they become part of the internet of things.

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Multi-platform Storytelling & Immersive Video

Galahad is a new tool for online storytelling and story-world building.

THE SWARM worked with New Velocity Media, a US-based multi-platform entertainment studio, on the launch of the product by providing: strategic advice, product development and design services.

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Digitally Curated Arts Festival

We are providing strategic and creative consultancy to the organisers of London's first user-curated performing arts festival, drawing on our experience working with digital content and culture.

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Video: MuseumNext Keynote

Jason DaPonte from THE SWARM offers predictions for what will change with museums, their audiences and technology as everything - including museum collections - get connected to the 'internet of things' as part of the MuseumNext conference in Barcelona.

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The Dance WE Made

The Dance WE Made is an interactive pop-up dance performance that takes place at iconic locations, inviting members of the general public to choreograph dances for professional dancer Tim Casson.

The Swarm worked with Tim to develop the digital concept for the work and bring it to life.

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MIPCube: architects of the future

MIPCube is part of the MIPTV festival which has over 11,000 attendees from all over the globe and is the world's premier event for bringing the digital media and television industries together.

This is the second year THE SWARM has worked on the event, having worked to curate the Connected Experience Hub for the 2011 festival.

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Fringe! The First Love Project

When Fringe! - London's gay and lesbian fringe film festival - wanted help with creating a digital film project and on their mobile strategy, they came to THE SWARM for help.

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Oxjam Augmented Reality Mobile Guide

Oxjam Mobile Guide

THE SWARM teamed up with the Oxjam Camberwell Takeover to create an augmented reality guide to the one-day festival.

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Visiting Arts

Visiting Arts:

THE SWARM has been working with world-renowned arts charity Visiting Arts on the development of a global arts portal designed to be the ultimate business-to-business tool for the culture sector.

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Video: Leave Your Phone at Home…

'Leave Your Phone at Home: THIS is Mobile Media' is the name of the talk Jason DaPonte presented at the Edinburgh Interactive 2011 festival.

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Endz2Endz – Youth Community Media

THE SWARM is proud to be a pro-bono sponsor and advisor to Endz2Endz - the place for young urban talent.

The project - started by 4 youths from South London housing estates - starts from the belief that showcasing positive stories about young people and giving them a home for showcasing their talent will promote positive behaviour as an alternative to violence.

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TubeTap – The app that gets Londoners refunds

TubeTap is the app that gets Londoner's refunds when the London Underground makes them late.

The app is THE SWARM's first independent project and was named an 'App of the Year' by WIRED UK.

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Mobile Solutions

Mobile News Innovation Lab

THE SWARM recently worked with students in California to develop and pitch new ideas for the use of mobile technologies to several prominent news organisations.

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Multiplatform Documentary: Francis Firebrace

THE SWARM is in development creating a multi-platform documentary about Francis Firebrace - an aboriginal storyteller who has spent the last 10 years in the UK and who will soon be making his final emotional trip back to Australia.

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Video: Teaching at USC Annenberg Mobile News Week

Jason DaPonte spent a week in March as the Hearst Visiting Fellow at the University of Southern California's Annenberg Journalism School.

See Jason's presentation at the Journalism Director's Forum where he spoke about trends and opportunities in the mobile space for news organisations. 

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Case Study: MIPTV / Connected Creativity Experience Hub

MIPTV's Connected Creativity Experience Hub was an exhibition designed show the entertainment industry the future of digital entertainment.

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Sunday Drive

THE SWARM has been working with Sunday Drive, an in-car location-based services start-up based in Los Angeles. We are providing the company with management, user-experience and product development consultancy.

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188 x 188

Presentation: Learning Without Frontiers video & presentation

How learning - both formal and informal - will change in light of new mobile technologies was the subject of the latest talk from THE SWARM given at Learning Without Frontiers.

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Media Brief Column: Location Based Services and Live Attention Data

Why location-based mobile services matter to your media business, right now is the title of a new column by Jason DaPonte on media-intelligence site The Media Briefing.

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What Can the iPad do for Museums?: THE SWARM Quoted in MuseumNext

MuseumNext recently quoted Jason DaPonte, Managing Director of THE SWARM on tablet strategy, in a recent blog post, 'What Can the iPad do for Museums?'.

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Mobile Predictions for 2011

THE SWARM is looking forward to 2011 as a big year in the mobile space and has published the following presentation predicting the trends that will matter most in the mobile space.

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Case Study: Stroome Mobile Strategy & Product Planning

Stroome is positioning itself as the social network where web’s most collaborative online video editing and social networking community — a place where anyone with a camera and a point of view (students, journalists, sports enthusiasts, travelers, advertisers, marketers, corporations, educators) can work together or individually to polish, publish and promote their content to a potential audience of millions.

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Regenerating a Market: THE SWARM curates local art installation

THE SWARM has worked with curators artists to create an installation that is part of a community-lead effort to regenerate Brixton Market, in south London.

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THE SWARM at Mediamatic Amsterdam

Jason spoke about trends in the mobile space including about playfulness re-emerging in digital utilities and the power of 'freemium' business models in the space, as well as looking forward to invisible and wearable displays in the augmented reality (AR) space.

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Endz2Endz in The Guardian

Endz2Endz, a youth media project advised by THE SWARM, was featured in The Guardian as an example of how digital media has empowered society's marginal groups – allowing them to tell their own stories.

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Tell Me a Story: Storytelling and Mobile – THE SWARM at MEX

The power of storytelling in communicating with audiences and creating value for consumers on mobile devices will be the topic of a talk called Tell Me a Story - to be given at MEX - the Mobile User Experience conference in London on 30 November.

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Tapping into Tablets: THE SWARM quoted in C21 Future Media

"From an ethnographic perpective, they're going to populate a space we haven't seen used that much before, which is portable but mainly within the home. It's the type of device that you can curl up with on a sofa and watch a film or read the Sunday paper,"

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BBC mobile strategy

Case Study: BBC Mobile strategy

The mobile space holds commercial and creative opportunities - if you get it right. THE SWARM has extensive experience developing successful mobile strategies using a variety of techniques and tools that can be done independently or collaboratively with your organisation.

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Case Study: Strategic Advising

Just starting out in the digital and/or mobile space? Need help from an industry veteran? We can help.

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Case Study: BBC Mobile content & product development

Developing content and products for the mobile space isn't as simple as 'take our website and make it small.'

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Case Study: product development

The challenge was to launch products that would extend The Economist brand into the online space and drive profitability

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Case studies: Product Prototyping and Planning

Digital products and content can only be successful following a careful prototyping and planning process.

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Case Study: BBC Music concept development

The challenge was to challenge a team's traditional thinking so they could collaboratively develop a new creative strategy to drive growth. We did it with LEGO.

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Case Study: Creative Workshops

If you're having a hard time coming up with the next big idea for your business, THE SWARM can help. We have facilitated brainstorms that found solutions for the following challenges (and more!)

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Residential Innovation Labs

Need a big innovation push in your organisation? We have worked on a number of different 'innovation labs' that help generate new ideas and inspire staff, including:

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Presentation: 5 Mobile Trends for Museums

Last week, Jason DaPonte, Managing Director of THE SWARM, spoke at the Tate Handheld Conference 2010

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Talking to the BBC & Ogilvy Interactive: The Future is Mobile

The Future is Mobile for many companies and brands. No one will deny mobile is growing like wild; but the big quesion is, "How do we understand this space and how do we deal with it?"

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