Artist’s Studio Unlocked – BBC Taster

The SWARM creates an interactive arts documentary for BBC Taster featuring Polly Morgan, to engage a younger audience and encourage more people share BBC Arts content online.

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Podcasting a Sonic Journey on ‘The Stopping Train’

The Swarm teams up with SoundUK to publish a podcast for Sonic Journeys

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Innovation prompt-cards for the Knowledge Transfer Network

People, Partners, Process and Products - four key considerations for digital innovation at the KTN

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Designing a new website for The National Youth Dance Company

How do you get more young dancers to sign-up for opportunities to further their career at a national level? Demystify the process, and make the application fun.

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ScrAPPbook & TheSwarm

ScrAPPbook is a digital heritage project, developed through University of Dundee (Design in Action) Chiasma event, that enables communities to network and engage with heritage and art, and Badenoch within the Cairngorms National Park has become the first ever community to pilot the scrAPPbook project!

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One and All – interactive artwork for The National Trust

One and All is an virtual voyage around Britain's coast - and the first digital artwork commission by the National Trust, co-produced by The Swarm in collaboration with ArtDocs and SoundUK.

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BBC Connected Studio

THE SWARM has been working with the BBC Connected Studio to develop new ideas for digital services.

The studio connects BBC developers with commercial counterparts in a 2-day creative environment to develop new ideas for digital services with BBC content. We have recently worked on the Research and Education Space, BBC IX4, News Archive and Weather & Traffic labs.

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We’ve been nominated as a finalist for a Mobile Entertainment Award for our ‘Spanner in the Works’ game!

TeleSUR Re-design

Responsive Web Design: TeleSUR TV

TeleSUR is one of South America's largest broadcasters, reaching audiences across continent and now around the world, with the help of it's new responsive website and and new English-language edition designed by The Swarm.

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Protagonist - Digital Theatre R&D

We’ve just completed an R&D study for Protagonist – a digital theatre experience powered by a software engine to automatically create a video life story from an individual’s social media content from theatre producers, The Other Way Works and funded through REACT.  It is a practical attempt to make sense of our vast stashes of personal data in a human, emotional and narrative way.  The findings are published here.

New Velocity Media

Branding and Web Design: New Velocity Media

Award-winning Los Angeles interactive production house New Velocity Media came to The Swarm last year to help them build an identity and new websites as they expanded their properties.

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10 Things We’ve Learned Working In Digital

Don't panic. We’ve not taken a leave of our senses - this is one of the 10 lessons we’ve learned about working in digital throughout our careers.

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We’ve been named as finalists in the IC Tomorrow Digital Innovation Contest on Data!  Please cross your fingers for us as we compete for the prize to work on developing a project with the

British Library.


We just worked with our friends at MEDEA to hack the future of public transport (following on our success with TubeTap).  

See how the hack went at:

MIPDoc Digital Sunday

MIPDoc's Digital Sunday examined the future of documentary creation and distribution and was curated by The SWARM's Jason DaPonte.

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The biggest Cannes buzz so far?

Discover #transmedia
game/doc @FortMcMoney:
@davduf @gillesfrei


— MIP Markets (@mip) April 6, 2014


We love buzz. See a selection of coverage of our work and buzz we're creating here.


Facilitation is core to what we do. We believe that taking our clients and partners on a creative journey with us is the best way to success. We provide workshops and training in a variety of forms and facilitate the creation of content with audiences. See some of our work in this space here.


Design is one of our specialities. We provide our clients with a full range of design services that cross content, interfaces and branding to create compelling digital experiences. We also specialise in early-stage product and service design and prototyping. See some of our work here.


We 'get' digital and leverage our thinking skills to help our clients find success in the digital world. We provide analysis and strategy for broadcasters, arts organisations, museums, content owners and software startups. See some examples below.


15 Postcards We Wish We Sent from SXSW

We didn’t make it to SXSW in Austin - but if we had, we’d have been sending some great postcards to you, our friends and partners!

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We're working with Documentary Campus to create a day for documentary makers, filmmakers of all kinds and other...

— The Swarm (@EnterTheSwarm) April 1, 2014


Immersive Media: Ghost Town

Ghost Town is an immersive journey exploring the transformation of a place in time that investigates the Heygate Estate - a 25-acre wide ghost town in the heart of London, less than a mile south of Westminster, once home to 1,200 families.

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