Sunday Drive

THE SWARM has been working with Sunday Drive, an in-car location-based services start-up based in Los Angeles.  We are providing the company with management, user-experience and product development consultancy.

“I’m excited to work with Sunday Drive because I think in-car mobile services are about to go mainstream.  The management team has a strong vision for how location-based services can be both useful for drivers and drive revenues through a variety of business models and I’m looking forward to working with them,” Jason DaPonte, THE SWARM’s MD said.

Sunday Drive is a community of locals, enthusiasts and conservationists building a network of the best scenic and historic routes worldwide.

Part of Sunday Drive’s mission is to preserve landmarks and sites which may be in danger. It encourages recommendations on historical and scenic routes from anyone including writers, photographers, teachers (local history, science classes), and locals who love their town. Car clubs and others are encouraged to build routes they love to drive for pleasure.

Sunday Drive is available for free in the iTunes App Store for US users and version 2.0 is coming soon.  Version 1 has had over 50,000 downloads.

The video below shows images from one user-generated route that lets users drive the beaches of costal Connecticut.