Interactive Experience: Burning The Books

We all owe someone something. What do you owe?

Alinah Azadeh acts as debt collector and servant to The Book of Debts – a large tome that she fills in each location she visits with the stories of debts owed by the people of that community. She then recites and burns the book as a public act of ‘absolution.’

Eventually, the remaining ashes will be transformed into an artwork, which will be collectively owned by all contributors. This project is a touching means of narrating the financial ‘crisis’ and all that stems from it, at a much more human level.

THE SWARM has created a website as a way to contribute to a digital version of the book.

Check out the teaser trailer to meet Alinah, the book’s servant, explore other contributions already submitted, and recount your own tale of debt, add it into the book, and receive a time and place when it will be burned.

Log on to to learn more about the project and to contribute your

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